Contact Info

P.O. Box 172
Sparta, OH43350

Phone: (740) 625-7364

Here at the Rutan family farm we strive to produce high quality functional bulldogs. As well as great family pets. 

              We have Olde Boston Bulldogs. My dad, Neil Rutan gets credit for saving the breed .We strive to produce dogs that are up to the standard he set: healthy dogs that are void of any genetic isues. The OBB should be full of life and always there to please. Our OBB's are not large Boston Terriers or English Bulldog/Boston Terrier crosses. Our OBB's are true working dogs. They can be found working on farms, keeping vermin out or catching feral hogs and other loose livestock. They also make for great house dogs and family protectors. The OBB's we produce should make an all around dog.

                We also have Olde English Bulldogs .We have produced OEB's that are on the side of health. Some breeders have forgot why the OEB was created and have went back to dogs that are to close to the AKC bulldog of today. We don't want our dogs to look exactly like the AKC Bulldog. We believe that form should follow function. Yet they still have the bully look that people have come to love. The dogs we produce should be able to be your work out partner as well as your family pet. Hope you enjoyed looking at the bulldogs


On occasion we also have working terriers available.

All of are dogs are registered with the National Dog Registry For Rare Breeds and Working Dogs